Nikolai Gorbachov

Nikolai Gorbachov

Locations:  Lund, Sweden;  Minsk, Belarus;  St. Petersburg, Russia;  Vilnius, Lithuania

Current affiliations

EHU Centre for Gender Studies, Research Associate (2016‑2017; Vilnius, Lithuania)

Lund University, Graduate Student (2015‑2017; Lund, Sweden)
Master of Science Program in Social Studies of Gender


Master of Sociology, Major in Cultural Studies
European Humanities University (2015; Vilnius, Lithuania)

Bachelor of Communication and Information, Major in Media and Communication
European Humanities University (2013; Vilnius, Lithuania)

Work & Volunteering

Social Researcher (current, from 2012)
Gender and queer studies. Qualitative research methods: discourse analisis, fieldwork

Technical Support Specialist (2013‑2016; St. Petersburg, Russia)
Customer and member support. Billing, online payments. DMCA control

Web Developer (2004‑2013)
Web design and development. HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript; WordPress. SEO.

Hotel Manager (2012‑2013; St. Petersburg, Russia)
Reservations, registrations, accounting. Staff supervision. Online advertisement, SMM.

Online Editor, Journalist (2006‑2012; Minsk, Belarus)
Content management and journalism (interviews, reviews) for entertainment online medias. Editorial supervision. Text, graphic and social media editor.

Electoral Observer (2010‑2012)
International Observation Mission EOTP for the presidential elections and the referendum in Ireland (2011) and the parliamentary elections in Slovakia (2012)

Event Photographer (2011; Sochi, Russia)
Light drawing photography for a commercial PR campaign

Political Activist (2010; Minsk, Belarus)
Member of the Initiative Group of the Presidential Candidate Y. Romanchuk. Signatures collection. Agitation. Election observation. Public protest

Informal Education

Swedish Language and Culture. Courses by SFI (2015‑2016; Lund, Sweden)

Sexual Health Education. Training by P6 (2015; Höör, Sweden)

Elections Observation. Courses by EOTP (2011; Vilnius, Lithuania)

Radio Journalism. Summer school by BBC WST, EuroRadio, EHU (2010; Vilnius, Lithuania)

Lithuanian Language and Culture. Summer school by LitPro (2010; Bertashunai, Lithuania)

Online Journalism. Training by IBB (2008; Minsk, Belarus)

«BusinessWeek». Summer School by Central Washington University (2006; Ellensburg, USA)

Web-Design. Courses by IATP (2004; Minsk, Belarus)


Conceptualizations of “Queer” in Belarus (on-going; Lund, Sweden)
The research explores the discourses and ideas that function behind the lately adopted concept of "queer" ("kvir") in Belarus. The qualitative methods of fieldwork study and discourse analysis are applied. The research is conducted in social constructivist approach, involves various queer theories as well as postmodernist and postcolonial critique.

Construction of Youth's LGBTQ-Sexuality in Russia. A Case Study of «Children 404» Project (2015; Vilnius, Lithuania)
The social constructivist approach to identity and sexuality is applied in the research to study how the LGBT+ Youth sexualities are constructed/influenced in Russia by the public discourses: the laws on prohibition of "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations among youth" and the "Children 404" project. It is a qualitative research that operates the method of discourse analysis.

The Production of Normativity in the Discourses on Prohibition of “Propaganda of Homosexualism” (2013; Vilnius, Lithuania)
The research analyses the discourses produced in various regions of Russia by the laws on prohibition of "propaganda of homosexualism" to see how the social normativity toward sexuality in (re)produced. This qualitative research is conducted in social constructivist approach and involves the method of discourse analysis.

Academic publications

The Production of Normativity in the Discourses on Prohibition of “Propaganda of Homosexualism” (RUS) // On the Crossroads: Methodology, Theory and Practice of LGBT and Queer Studies: Collected Volume. St. Petersburg: Centre for Independent Social Research, 2014

Rescuing Children of “Propaganda of Homosexualism” (RUS) // Women in Politics: New Approaches to the Political. Educational Feminist Journal. Vol. 3. – Prague: Adliga 2013

Conferences & Public Lectures

Multiculturalism. Gender. Identity. Queer Studies in the Post‑Soviet Region
International academic conference; speaker (2017; Kyiv, Ukraine)

Strategies for Advocacy of LGB Rights in Countries of Eastern Partnership and Russia
International conference for activists, journalists and researchers (2015; Berlin, Germany)

Days Against Homophobia and Transphobia
Student human right initiative; lecturer (2015; Vilnius, Lithuania)

Artes Liberales
Educational festival; lecturer (2015; Minsk, Belarus)

Sexual Education on (2014; Minsk, Belarus)
Media project; lecturer. Video-lecture «Production of "(Ab)Normal" Identities» (RUS)

Europe 2014: Humanities Between Past and Future
International student academic conference; speaker, first place award (2014; Vilnius, Lithuania)

Fragments of Gay and Lesbian Studies in Belarus
Seminar series; speaker (2014; Vilnius, Lithuania)

On the Crossroads: Methodology, Theory and Practice of LGBT and Queer Studies
International interdisciplinary academic conference; speaker (2013; St. Petersburg, Russia)


The Swedish Institute VISBY Scholarship (2015; Sweden)


Russian (first language),  Belarusian (vernacular),  English (fluent),

Ukrainian (basic),  Swedish (basic)