Nikolai Gorbachov

Research study

Conceptualizations of «Queer» in Belarus

/ Nikolai Gorbachov, Lund University; 2018

The term «queer» [kvir] is not completely new for Belarus, however its popularity has grown significantly in recent years. The study analyzes the discourses about «queer» [kvir] produced by the Belarusian public initiatives that work in the field of LGBT+, gender and sexuality. Deconstructing the concept of «queer» [kvir], it explored the effects of this linguistic adoption for the Belarusian LGBT+ and/or queer community. The research is conducted in social constructivist approach and operates methods of discourse analysis, participant observation and digital/virtual ethnography.


The research was conducted as a graduate project for the Master of Science in Social Studies of Gender degree at Lund University (Sweden) under the supervision of professor Jens Rydström. It was presented at several academic conferences and is now being prepared for publication. You are welcome to inquire for the full version of the thesis manuscript in English.

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