Nikolai Gorbachov


Conceptualizations of «Queer» in Belarus

/ Lund University; 2018

The research explores the development of the concept of «queer» [kvir]  in Belarus. Analyzing the «queer» [kvir] discourses and ideas, the study explores the effects of this linguistic adoption for the Belarusian LGBT+ and/or queer community. The research is conducted in social constructivist approach. It operates the methods of discourse analysis, participant observation and digital/virtual ethnography, engaging with queer theories, postmodernist and postcolonial critique. >>>

«Pidory Mechti»: a Strategy to Subvert the Homophobic Insult

/ Lund University, EHU Centre for Gender Studies; 2018

The minor case study explores the individual creative reflection and artistic respond to the homophobic insult. The study proposes a strategy for the redefinition of the derogatory Russian term «pidor» (semantically similar to «fag»). It initiates a debate, criticizing the strategy of the Belarusian campaign «Depo Pi». The research operates with the fieldwork methods of in-depth interviews and participant observation. >>>

Construction of Youth’s LGBTQ-Sexuality in Russia. A Case Study of «Children 404» Project

/ European Humanities University; 2015

Following the social constructivist approach to identity and sexuality, the research explores how the LGBT+ Youth’ sexualities are constructed/influenced by the public discourses in Russia: the laws on prohibition of «propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations among youth» and the «Children 404» project. The research operates with the method of critical discourse analysis. >>>

The Production of Normativity in the Discourses on Prohibition of «Propaganda of Homosexualism»

/ European Humanities University; 2013

The research analyses the social effects of the discourses on prohibition of «propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations» in Russia. It studies the concept of «propaganda of homosexualism» and explores the Russian regional laws and the federal bill to understand how the social normativity toward sexuality is (re)produced. The research is conducted in social constructivist approach and operates the method of critical discourse analysis. >>>